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Thank you Bobcaygeon!



The Communities in Bloom judges toured our town July 10-12th and assessed us in six categories (heritage conservation; tidiness; environmental action and sustainability; landscape; urban forestry and trees; floral). To put it simply, the judges liked what they saw! Their most telling comments about our town however, weren’t about our flowers, landscape or trails, they were about our people. The judges were impressed with the way in which this town comes together to get things done!

There are so many individuals and groups in Bobcaygeon who spend time to help better our community, accomplishing much along the way. Our Communities in Bloom effort has been about uniting these groups to encourage the community to work together for the benefit of our village. The COKL, businesses, volunteer groups, residents, cottagers and visitors did just that, worked together, bolstered each other up. We saw neighbours helping each other, community BBQs were held, volunteers pitched in and helped where they were needed and groups shared their resources –- so many showed up and donated their most precious commodity, their time.

Although we highlighted for the judges some of the projects that have taken place, our Communities in Bloom initiative wasn’t about recognizing any one group or individual it was about how so many people have stepped up, and about our journey together.


Looking around at what we have accomplished in 2.5 short months since entering the Communities in Bloom program we can be so proud of our village of Bobcaygeon. Individually we had achieved a great deal but working together we have accomplished so much more.

It was Harry Truman who said “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” And that is so evident here in Bobcaygeon.

We will be notified in September how our town fared in the contest, but in our hearts we know . . . Bobcaygeon, you didn’t do it for the recognition, you did it for the community and for this you are already a winner.

Thank you Bobcaygeon,

Your Bobcaygeon Communities in Bloom Team.

Bon Harris